Board of Directors

Velma Nelson

Teacher Trainer/Curriculum Coach Director

Velma Nelson is a Master Educator. She has been named Teacher of the Year three times for both elementary and middle school and placed in the top seven of 2,500 Teachers in Broward County School District, the seventh largest school district is the United States. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Albany State and Master’s in Education Leadership at Barry University. She has had a stellar career spanning 40 years, 1973 to 2013. She has a Florida certification in Gifted Education and was the Title I Coordinator in Broward County for three years. Velma has taught Reading, Language Arts, and Math and also served as an Education Coach for other teachers in these disciplines at the middle school level.   Under the supervision of the Director of Research and Development, she provides side-by-side training and support for District math teachers in their new role as “Facilitators of Learning” to implement Alexandria Academy Institute’s Alexandria Project STEM Curriculum.

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