Board of Directors

Rose Marie McKenzie 


Rose Marie has devoted her career to educating impoverished students of color in urban settings. She is widely respected on State and Federal levels for her comprehensive knowledge, leadership ability, and the quality and integrity of her programs. She holds a both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and a Sixth Year in Educational Leadership. She has conducted focused research on school climate in South Africa, as well as school climate and leadership topics within American schools. These schools included urban as well as rural communities nationwide. Rose Marie possesses a wide ranging repertoire of problem solving skills, strategic planning and leadership capabilities that can be applied to various and ever changing situations. As the Director of a state and federally funded non-profit agency, Rose Marie was responsible for setting budgets, considering expenditures, and adhering to licensing requirements. She was responsible for all aspects of program implementation that includes adherence to funding expectations from Federal Head Start, State School Readiness and State Department of Education.

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