Learning Specialist


The Learning Specialist will work in close partnership with Alexandria Academy Institute Researchers as a liaison with teachers and administrators to provide support and direction connected to academic and developmental growth of students. This includes supporting curriculum delivery, collaborative problem solving-based classroom structure, and individual student social and emotional growth, as it relates to current educational best practices, personalized learning, and cognitive and neuroscience research.

The Learning Specialist is a resource for teachers, administrators, and parents to consult on academic and developmental needs. Engaging parents through consultation about learning practices, as well as collaborating with teams of teachers about children, are critical elements of this position. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of children’s academic and developmental expectations at each grade and age level. Experience with case management, including student IEPs and 504 plans, in addition to management of related resources, personnel, and law is a plus.

Alexandria Academy Institute

We recognize that academic failure is not the fault of inherent deficits of character or intellect but of economic disparity; institutional marginalization; unequal distribution of educational resources; ineffectual pedagogical practices, expectations, and the mindset therein engendered. The Alexandria Academy Institute develops innovative K-8 STEM curricula to effectively leapfrog African American and other at-risk beyond ineffectual traditional teaching methods and basic level instruction that puts them at a disadvantage in the 21st century global economy.

The primary responsibility of the Alexandria Academy Institute Learning Specialist is to work with and support multiple Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) engagement for public school students and teachers.

General Responsibilities include:

  • Research Alexandria Project content and educational best practices within Alexandria Academy Institute themes or missions to support professional teacher training, student STEM engagement, eLearning design challenges, and virtual learning opportunities
  • Conduct recruitment for STEM engagement opportunities
  • Adhere to Alexandria Academy Institute curriculum development guidelines including beta testing and the use of focus groups to optimize content prior to release
  • Provide design, development and delivery of curriculum, guides, lesson plans, support materials and professional development for traditional K-12 public school settings and eLearning students.
  • Expand the reach of educational projects and content by scaffolding and demonstrating research-based effective practices in the delivery of STEM content, presentations, programming.
  • Provide Professional Development workshops, conferences both face to face as well as virtually using collaborative technologies
  • Conduct assessments to customize resources and opportunities to align with instructional goals and standards.
  • Confer with members of educational committees and advisory groups to obtain knowledge of subject areas, and to relate curriculum materials to specific STEM subjects.
  • Develop tests, questionnaires, and procedures that measure the effectiveness of curricula, and use these tools to determine whether program objectives are being met.

Qualifications Required:

Licensed Teacher – Master’s Degree in Education (a focus on Cognitive Science/Learning & Memory preferred) with a minimum of three years relevant experience. Informal education experience (e.g. science centers) may be considered. Past experience in an urban school setting Preferred.


  • Passion for the mission and the vision of Alexandria Academy Institute; including understanding of the tenets of science research-base, culturally responsive, personalized education
  • Experience in personalized and adaptive curriculum development
  • Working Knowledge of culturally responsive pedagogy and culturally welcoming classroom environments
  • Strong knowledge of pedagogical theory and application
  • Thoughtful judgment, effective interpersonal skills, excellent skills in oral and written communications
  • Ability to effectively present information to all constituencies of the school
  • Flexibility in adapting to change that will inevitably happen in the rapidly evolving K-12 school system
  • Ongoing Professional Development and Research
  • Responsibilities are not all-inclusive and will include other duties as assigned

Job Specifications

  • Regular meetings with Alexandria Academy Institute Researchers and Data Analysts to discuss individual student and group progress, and acting as liaison with classroom teachers and administrators
  • Provide support for universal screening and standardized testing including organization, communication, and administration of accommodations
  • Collaborate with staff researchers to develop various proactive academic plans to support classroom instruction for individual student needs, which may include the creation and implementation of varied types of documentation and assessment
  • Collaborate with teachers to support classroom instruction, curriculum, and problem solving-based learning
  • Serve as first resource for teachers looking for additional suggestions, strategies and/or methods related to the academic and developmental needs of individual students, as well as groups of students
  • Keep the CEO and Researchers fully informed on student issues and other relevant matters pertaining to student and school life
  • Provide training to teachers, and parents for the school’s ongoing development of best practices, pedagogical approaches, and differentiated instruction
  • Passion for improving the educational experiences and outcomes for low-income students and students of color
  • Self-starter mentality and the ability to work independently
  • A demonstrated commitment to excellence
  • Healthy respect for colleagues and ability to work collaboratively with others within the Research & Development team and other staff across the organization
  • A deep appreciation for diversity and differences in the workplace, public school system, and diverse communities we serve
  • Goal-oriented, project-oriented, and results-oriented
  • Desire to be part of an intellectually rich and action-oriented work environment
  • Strong sense of honor and integrity
  • A warm, personal style with a good sense of humor
  • Mature interpersonal and communication skills

Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. The Education Trust offers a comprehensive benefits package.

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Alexandria Academy Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages diversity in all facets of the organization’s work