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The Alexandria Academy Institute seeks support for developing innovative Kindergarten through 8th grade STEM curricula to effectively leapfrog African American and other at-risk students beyond ineffectual traditional teaching methods and basic level instruction that puts them at a disadvantage in the 21st century global economy. If you think this is an important endeavor – and I am confident you do – please help Alexandria Academy Institute grow with a gift in whatever amount you can afford.

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The Alexandria Academy Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with Tax ID number 83-1560778.


 Alexandria Academy Institute has legal entities that can receive funds in multiple countries and currencies: United States (USD), Australia (AUD), Canada (CAD), Netherlands (EUR), Switzerland (CHF), Japan (JPY), Hong Kong (HKD) and UK (GBP). Upon successful completion of a donation, you will receive a customized receipt – including language regarding the tax deductibility – from the Room to Read entity that corresponds to the currency in which you give. (For JPY receipt, see details on Thank You page.)